Optical Coating

Thin Film

An IS09001:2008 & British Standard Kitemark company

  • High Efficiency High Reflector

  • C-Band Longwave Pass Filter

  • Multiple Cavity TH Bandpass Filter

  • Non-Polarizing High-Angle BBAR at 840nm

Optical Coating

  • High damage threshold coatings for high power semiconductor pump lasers & arrays
  • Novel high catastrophic optical mirror damage (COMD) threshold processes for AlGaAs lasers
  • Ultra-low anti-reflection coatings for semiconductor laser facets & free space optics (FSO)
  • Expertise in coating GaN, GaP, GaAs, InP & Si wafers
  • Coatings for delicate optical crystals & micro optics
  • Infrared anti-reflection (AR)/ high reflectivity (HR) coatings for Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL)
  • Ultra-low reflectivity coatings (less than 0.01%) on a variety of substrates
  • Range of bandpass & dichroic filters in the ultra-violet (UV), visible & infrared (IR)
  • Cold plasma deposition on plastics
  • Coatings on optical fibre ends
  • Optical metallic coatings (Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Chromium, Rhodium, etc.)